Monday, December 1, 2014

New Fantasyland: Part 2

So, at one point I started a blog series about New Fantasyland with great intentions of doing a lovely 3- or 4-part series.  And then I promptly got side-tracked with other posts (and life - thus the month long hiatus from blogging!).  So, much later than anticipated, here is part 2! (If you need a refresher on Part 1 on Storybook Circus, click here!)

In addition to the Storybook Circus section of New Fantasyland, there are many other fabulous additions.  Let's start with the section inspired by "Beauty and the Beast".  In addition to the Be Our Guest Restaurant (click here for more info on this!), there is much more!  Off to the left, you can see Maurice's cottage.  This building hosts the new version of "Enchanted Tales with Belle".

As you wind through Belle's childhood home, you eventually make your way to Maurice's workshop... and inside that room is where the magic happens.  You really have to see this for yourself, and I won't spoil the surprise, but let's just say that you are magically transported to Beast Castle, where you encounter many of Belle's friends...

...and of course, Belle, herself!

I was absolutely stunned by the special effects and animatronics in this attraction.  It is definitely a step up from the old version.  Children still get to participate, though, and so it retains all the charm of the original.  This is a must-see!!

Just past "Enchanted Tales..." and Be Our Guest Restaurant, you come to the main square, which boasts Gaston's Tavern and a gift shop (oh, and restrooms...).

You may just encounter Gaston while there - but even if he's out hunting (his Tavern is largely decorated with antlers, after all), you should definitely try LeFou's Brew!

Not to be outdone, Ariel and Prince Eric have taken up residence in New Fantasyland.  As you approach Eric's Castle, you see the remains of a shipwreck.

The queue is just lovely, and it takes you through several rooms as you head toward your Clam-Mobile for a Journey Under the Sea.

Does anyone else want to sing "Kiss the Girl" after seeing this?
Hop aboard, and you literally watch as you dive deep into the ocean for your journey.

After the ride, head over to Ariel's Grotto - where you can meet Ariel!

Another aspect of New Fantasyland is actually a bit closer to the old part -- and those are the Rapunzel Tower-themed bathrooms.  Yes, I am indeed blogging about bathrooms (that is just a bit strange...)

But to be fair, these are seriously cool bathrooms.  Completely themed to the storyline of Rapunzel, there is much to see.  

So, I felt like I could really take pics INSIDE the bathroom, so this is the best I could do....
Apparently, the guys have lots of frying pans on the walls.  I myself obviously couldn't go in to see personally, but I believe my hubby's word on it.  And if you look carefully, you'll notice that Maximus has made his presence known.

After using the facilities, you can head across the way to the "enchanted stumps" (ok that's my name for them, not Disney's).  These marvelous tree stumps house charging stations, and it's a nice place to rest your feet while you recharge your electronic devices (just be sure to have your power cord handy!).  And in true Disney style, you can pass the time by searching for hidden Pascals!

 And that's not all... but I think I'll save that for next time.  Stay tuned for info on the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!