Monday, August 5, 2013

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Pirates of the Caribbean

Tiggerific+Tuesday+Trivia Tiggerific Tuesday #DisneyTrivia: Fantasmic Dragon

If you've ever walked through the right hand side of the Pirates of the Caribbean Queue (the side that is now for Fastpass+), you may have noticed a cell on the right hand side in which two skeletons are playing a game of chess.  Those skeletons are, in fact, locked in an epic, no-win match.  Imagineer Marc Davis was a huge chess fan, and he set this chessboard up to duplicate a board from a masters tournament that provided a no-win outcome.  The pirates playing the game, it seems, simply withered away figuring out their next move.

This bit of trivia can be found in Susan Veness's book, "The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World".

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  1. I love that the imagineers put so much effort into all the little details at Disney!

  2. That is hilariously awesome! Very clever.

  3. Isn't that funny? That would be me, but not because I'm so skilled--because I have no clue how to play!