Monday, October 7, 2013

Tiggerific Tuesday: Frontierland Train Station

Tiggerific+Tuesday+Trivia Tiggerific Tuesday #DisneyTrivia: Walt Disney Partners Statue

Did you know?  Before Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain existed, Frontierland had a huge train station, almost as large as Main Street, U.S.A.  Although I sadly don't have any pictures, the old station was very open -- there was really nothing else past the Country Bear Jamboree.  At this time, there were only 2 stops on the train.  I'm not entirely sure when the train stationed was minimized, but on my husband's park map from 1980, it is still there.  

Thanks to +Magical Mouse Schoolhouse+Disney Babies Blog+My Dreams of Disney, and +Heidi's Head for hosting this fun weekly hop!   


  1. Very interesting. I never really thought about the fact that these attractions took up room from the train station. Makes sense though.

  2. I remember this red station, there was a lot of open space around it at the time :). It was closer to Peco's Bill than the current one is today where the gates are for the parade enter and exit. Thanks for sparking my memories.