Monday, June 24, 2013

Packing for Disney

When packing for vacation, it always seems people do one of two things.  There are those people who pack enough luggage to last for a month, and then there are those people who throw things in a bag, only to realize that they've left half of what they need at home.  I admit that I tend to err on the side of the former.  I mean, a girl needs choices when it comes to outfits (right?).

But seriously, sometimes it can be frustrating to know what exactly to pack for a trip down to Disney.  After a lot of experience, I can finally say that I have a workable packing list that provides me with everything I need to have a comfortable resort experience.  In no particular order, here are some packing tips for you.

A Power Strip

I'll admit, this wasn't my original idea.  But, it's a great one.  After a couple of years of fighting to find enough convenient outlets for laptop, phones, camera chargers etc., I read this smart little tip on a couple of Disney blogs & sites.  Why didn't I think of it before?!

Travel Fans

I mentioned these in an earlier blog, but these are life-savers during the hot summer months.  I keep a stash of "Disney-vacation" items in a dresser drawer (Fastpass holders, these fans, gift cards, etc), then all I have to do is throw them in my suitcase.


During the summer months, it is not uncommon to have a mid-afternoon rain shower.  We've taken  trips with very little rain, but we have also had stays with monsoons.  Well, tropical storms at least! We have taken some of those $1.00 emergency ponchos at times, but we recently upgraded to a thicker variety -- just in time for Tropical Storm Debbie last year! 

If you have children who will be riding in strollers, it's handy to have an extra adult size poncho to drape over your stroller to help keep your child (and other contents you may have stashed inside of it) dry.

Extra Bags for Souvenirs

Because I've started to master exactly how much to pack for my Disney excursions, I have gotten very good at packing my suitcases.  There is always concern, though, that my perfectly packed suitcase may not hold room for larger souvenirs.  I've taken to putting an extra tote in my bags, which takes up virtually no space, but it wonderful for carting those mementos home on the plane.  Obviously you still have to adhere to the "one carry-on, one personal item" rule that the airlines have, but since I only take one bag down, it's not an issue.  


Regardless of the time of year you travel, the sun is very likely stronger than where you live.  Make sure to protect yourself with an appropriate SPF!

For Moms: A Nightlight for your Smaller Children

This can help to make a dark, unfamiliar room feel safer to a small child.  If you are staying in a larger family suite, you may want to consider bringing along more than one.


Yes, even in the winter, swimsuits are great!  Now granted, winter in Florida can be a bit of a toss-up.  One January we went and it was definitely on the chilly side, especially in the morning and at night.  This past January, though, we spent time at the Wilderness Lodge for the WDW Marathon Weekend - and the weather was gorgeous!  We spent the first night there out in the hot tub, and the temperature couldn't have been more perfect.  I am so glad that I threw my suit in at the last minute.  


There is nothing worse than feeling badly while on vacation.  Trust me, I know from experience.  My advice is to pack some of the standard over-the-counter medications you use at home.  Pain relievers, allergy medicine, tummy-trouble medicine (to put it delicately), and decongestant pills all make it into our luggage before a trip.  We rarely need any of these but the pain relievers, but it's good to know they're there.  You can certainly purchase some over-the-counter medications at Disney Resort Hotels, but they are a lot more expensive, and the variety is more limited than what you'll find at your normal grocery shopping destination.  Oh, and if you do need to take something, you'll be extremely glad you took my advice!

Comfortable Shoes... and Plastic Bandages

The first item here is obvious.  You will be walking a lot!  Make sure your feet stay happy.  But even in well-worn shoes, blisters can form; my old pair of standbys which never rub my feet the wrong way gave me a little blister last year due to the super-rainy weather.  It was a good thing I had some plastic bandages handy so I could keep on going!  

Hopefully you find these tips helpful.  Soon I'll be posting about what I take with me into the parks for a day of fun.  Check back often!

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