Monday, April 21, 2014

Quick Service Eating in WDW

Something I'm frequently asked by friends and clients is: where should I eat?  So I'm reposting some of my favorites from around WDW!

With so many options for food at Disney, it can be overwhelming to choose!  Listed by park, here are my favorite quick service places:

Magic Kingdom

  • Be Our Guest (New Fantasyland)

    Most every Disney blog/webpage/site is raving about Be Our Guest - with good reason.  Aside from its completely unique set up of Quick Service for lunch/Full Service for dinner, aside from the gorgeous decor - the food is amazing.  Since we're focusing on Quick Service, that's the menu I'll write about, and it's not your typical burgers and fries.  Hand carved turkey on french baguette, pork with green beans, and a steak sandwich with an actual piece of steak on it are just some of the mouth-watering offerings here.  And dessert?  It's a choice of the same delicious cupcakes served at dinner.  

  • Pecos Bill's Tale Tall Inn and Cafe (Frontierland)

    Fixin's Bar.  What other reason can you possibly need?  Just kidding... kind of.  Truly though, there are lots of great things to eat at Pecos Bill's.  My favorite is the taco salad, which is served in an edible shell.  And because of the fixin's bar, you can load up on pepper rings, grilled onions, salsa, mushrooms, lettuce, cheese, etc.  They also serve a great bacon cheeseburger complete with a thick onion ring on top. 

  • Columbia Harbor House (Liberty Square)

    For us, no trip to Disney is complete without a lunch here.  The fish is fabulous, and for some reason, I think the fries here are better than almost anywhere else.  The Lighthouse Sandwich (Tuna) is also very good.  And don't worry if you're a non-fish eater, there are some yummy chicken offerings as well.  The ambiance is wonderful, and there are two floors for seating.  I also love it that one of the Cast Members who often acts as a greeter sings to people in passing; he has favored us with several songs over the years.  

  • Sunshine Seasons (The Land Pavilion)Hands down, this is my favorite Epcot location.  There are several "stations", each of which serves its own style of food.  There is a station specializing in sandwiches, one for meats such as pork, rotisserie chicken, and fresh fish, and yet another for Asian-style cuisine and stir-fry.  I have eaten from all, and they are all fabulous.  Oh, did I mention the bakery that serves dessert? The offerings are simply some of the best on property, including this amazing red velvet moon pie (which happens to be my hubby's favorite).

  • Liberty Inn (The American Adventure, World Showcase)This is a recent addition to the list.  Until this past year, we had always had lunch up in Future World.  This year we broke tradition and ate back in World Showcase.  We were NOT disappointed.  Everything was delicious, including the dessert, which was a s'mores mousse brownie.  Also pictured below is the chicken bacon flatbread

Hollywood Studios

  • Studio Catering Co.

    I'm going to be completely honest.  I'm not thrilled with Quick Service at Hollywood Studios.  I can't explain it, but that being said, when I'm at the Studios for lunch, I tend to eat at the Backlot Express. They serve sandwiches of a different variety than burgers (buffalo chicken, turkey, veggie, etc.), among other things, and I have found this location to have some of the more flavorful food in this park.

  • Toy Story Pizza Planet

    Pizza Planet serves... well... pizza.  It's really pretty good though, and most of the meals include a salad in addition to the pizza.  The cookies here are really good, too!
Animal Kingdom

  • Pizzafari

    Yes, another pizza place.  I like the pizza here too!  They also have a yummy hot Italian-style sandwich and a chicken/veggie pasta dish.  The decor is really cool, and there are hidden Mickeys!  See if you can find the one in the picture below... (you may have to zoom in). 

  • Flame Tree BBQ

    This is a favorite of many Animal Kingdom park-goers.  Although it is all outdoor seating, the food has a great flavor (if you like barbecue, of course!).  Just try to pass this place without your mouth watering!  The pork sandwich is really tender and juicy.  I'm not a ribs eater myself, but everyone else raves about them!
So, there it is.  Hopefully this will help you to narrow your choices as you navigate the World.  Have I made you hungry yet?  

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