Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beating the Heat in WDW

"How can you go to Disney in July?! It's just so hot!"  I hear this all the time.  Now, understand, I am from the Northeast, and I live with cold weather.  Constantly.  Even now in June, it was only 65 degrees yesterday.  I have no problem with the heat... I welcome it!  I do realize, however, that I may be somewhat of an anomaly.  I know plenty of people who prefer the cooler temperatures of fall.  And yes, traveling in the fall/winter to WDW is fabulous for crowd purposes.  But sometimes, there isn't a choice but to travel during the summer.  Maybe you have kids in school, maybe you're a teacher who can't take vacation during the off-season, or maybe summer just happens to be the best time for you to travel to the World.  

Regardless of the reason, here are some tips  for "beating the heat" at WDW:

Take Advantage of Air-Conditioned Queues

The good news for guests is that Disney knows how warm Florida gets.  With this in mind, the Imagineers designed the rides to be enclosed in air-conditioned spaces.  They have also created many indoor, air-conditioned queues that help guests to stay out of the sun.  The new Dumbo queue area, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Test Track, and Soarin' are just three examples.  Other queues may begin outdoors, but they eventually lead you into a cool, air-conditioned space before stepping onto the attraction itself (think Haunted Mansion or Splash Mountain).  Even those queues without A/C are shaded and therefore much cooler than being in the direct heat.

Battery-Operated Spritzer Fans

For those times when you are walking between attractions, watching the Castle Show, walking World Showcase, or standing in a particularly crowded queue that is un-air-conditioned (wait, did someone say Peter Pan's Flight?!), these little beauties are a must!

We picked these up at our local Super-Store.  They are lightweight, compact, and hold a surprising amount of water! They also sell for somewhere around $3.00, so they are super-affordable.

Stay Hydrated

Sounds a little cliche, huh?  But, it's true.  When the heat index hits around 114*, you're going to sweat; you need to make sure you have water handy.  If you are like us and try not to carry bags around the park, a water bottle can get cumbersome.  Unless you own one of these:

It's a water bottle clip.  The Mickey head stretches perfectly over the neck of a water bottle, allowing you to clip the carabiner to your belt loop.  Now granted, you may be able to find one elsewhere without the Mickey ears ... but it won't be nearly so cute.  :)  These are available at many of the shops around Disney, and they really last!  I think we've used this one on 7 or 8 trips so far!  Oh, and if you're looking to refill your water bottle, we have it on good authority from Disney Cast Members that the coldest water fountain in the Magic Kingdom is by the First Aid Station next to the Crystal Palace Restaurant. 

Take Swim/Nap Breaks

I mentioned this in an earlier blog, but it bears repetition.  Don't be afraid to go back to the resort for a break!  Sometimes a quick dip in the pool (and maybe a nap in the shade!) can be the ultimate refreshment for tired park guests.  Enjoy the park all morning, head back to the resort at lunchtime when the sun is hottest, then head back for evening hours when the temps begin to come down a little.  You will actually feel that you've accomplished more, and you'll feel a lot more energetic and alert while taking in all the magic of Disney.  Plus, Disney Resorts offer a ton of fun pool activities during the afternoon.  Don't forget that the magic isn't JUST at the parks!

Go See A Show

No, I don't mean a movie... although Downtown Disney does have a fabulous theater if you'd like to see one.  I am talking about the many amazing shows in the parks.  Check out Finding Nemo at Animal Kingdom, The American Adventure at Epcot, or (my nostalgic favorite) The Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland.  You can also go to the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square, where it can sometimes be downright cold!  These are all 20+ minutes in length, air-conditioned, and highly entertaining.  It's a great way to beat the heat!  Oh, and since you're sitting, you'll be giving your poor tootsies a little break after pounding the pavement!

Water Features

Of course, water rides are wonderful to help in beating the heat.  But both Magic Kingdom and Epcot have some wonderful water features that are just begging to be played in. I'm thinking just now of the new Casey, Jr. Splash and Soak area in Storybook Circus.  There, you and the little ones can cool off ... and get drenched.

Other Tips

Take a trip on the train or the People Mover while in the Magic Kingdom.  The People Mover moves through several air-conditioned areas, and while the train ride is outside, the moving breeze and shade help to make it a nice break from the summer heat.  How about hopping aboard the Monorail -- your "highway in the sky" -- for a resort tour?  There's plenty to see and do!

So, don't be afraid of the heat!  There are lots of ways to survive a summer trip to Disney.  And remember, if all else fails -- go get a Mickey Ears Bar or a Dole Whip!

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